Face the predator and experience original flavours straight from the Amazon jungle!

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The Amazon jungle is vast and diverse – nowhere else in the world you will find so many types of animals and plant species. This is where Yaguar – the king among Brazilian yerba mates – comes from. Just as diverse as the fauna and flora of the Amazon rainforest is, so rich and wide is the range of Brazilian yerba mate brand. We take a closer look at what’s in it!

Yerba mate with fruit

Yaguar Mango Tango – this is one of the most blockbuster, heavily fruity blends among our brand’s range. Apart from yerba mate, the main role in the composition of this blend is played by mango – a sweet, pleasant and much-loved fruit that perfectly harmonises with the bitterness of the long-aged mate tea. The sweetness is broken by tart orange peel and the whole is rounded off with marigold petals. Simply delicious!

Yaguar Citrus Bomb – this is a great option for hot days, perfect as a refreshing tereré. It features a citrus trio in the form of lemon, orange and lime zest, which creates a real explosive mix. 

Yaguar Berryland – as much as 16% of this composition is made up of berries straight from the forests and gardens: raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants. This is a delicious and aromatic proposition for all lovers of fruity flavours!

Yerba mate with an extra dose of energy

Yaguar Energía Guaraná – smoke-dried and aged for 18 long months yerba mate is combined here with the addition of energising guarana, which introduces an extra dose of caffeine. On its own, mate is a great coffee alternative, but with the addition of guarana, it makes for a truly powerfully stimulating combination!

Yaguar Wild Energy – although it has no additives, this is one of the strongest stimulating yerba mate among our range. It is made from Ilex paraguariensis that grows up in the best sunlight conditions, which increases the level of caffeine it contains. Yaguar Wild Energy delights with the taste of pure, smoky yerba mate, with a characteristically bitter flavour, without unnecessary additives.

Yerba mate blended with herbs

Yaguar Hierbas Pampeanas – a wonderful, aromatic combination of yerba mate and herbs. The ingredients include: mint, lemongrass, spicy aniseed, mild chamomile and pleasant fennel.

Yaguar Silueta – it is not only an aromatic and harmonious combination of yerba mate and herbal additives. The herbs found in this blend have additional interesting functions, desirable for those who want to take care of a slim body shape.

Yaguar Cannabis – this blend of yerba mate and herbs totally delights and surprises, but particularly noteworthy here is the hemp flour, whose distinctive nutty flavour perfectly binds all the ingredients into a perfect whole.

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