produced in
accordance with
tradiTional methods

matured for 18 months

straight from
the tropics of
parana basin


Jaguar has always been considered a symbol of power among indigenous tribes of South America…

…Just like energizing yerba mate tea infusions!

We created the brand Yaguar to honor the dignified predator and rich biodiversity of its native continent.

Yaguar is produced from specially selected wild holly leaves grown in tropical forests of Parana Basin, South America. Thanks to traditional drying techniques and eighteen month-long maturing, our yerba mate tea is distinguished by classic harmonious taste and high content of natural caffeine

Yaguar flavours

Try 10 different mate tea blends with natural ingredients in form of fruits and herbs!

Delicate yerba mate tea known for highly stimulating potential enriched with a fruity ingredient in form of passion fruit oil. Sweet & subtle combination!


Taste the fruity refreshment! Yaguar Limón is a tasty mix of yerba mate tea and citrus ingredients that make a perfectly balanced blend!

Wild Energy

One of the most energizing mate tea blends ever! Cultivated in a sun-soaked area in soil full of minerals to ensure the highest content of natural caffeine!


What a luscious blend! You can't even image how well sweet & sour accents of pomelo fit the slight bitterness of yerba mate. Yaguar Pomelo is a must!


You can't go wrong with the classics! 100% traditional yerba mate tea Argentina style, seasoned for eighteen months to provide the best taste experience.


The depth of classic yerba mate tea combined with slightly sweet fruity accents of pear? Instant hit! Perfect both as hot infusion and chilling cold terére!


Yaguar stands for perfectly chosen ingredients and Naranja variation is no exception. The profundity of orange & slight bitterness of mate tea fit each other perfectly!


Wanna lose weight the natural way? Yerba mate will be a great companion... Especially if you choose Silueta, the unique blend of mate tea & herbs to enhance the overall effect. Recommended!

Menta Limon

Amazing mix of mate tea, mint and lime is right at your reach! Perfect for those who seek for instant energy boost in a naturally refreshing way. Perfect both as hot infusion and cold drink!

Energia Guarana​

Mate tea & guarana fruit is a well-known combination among those looking for strong stimulation the natural way. Try and you'll see that it's not only energizing, but also super tasty!​

Why yerba mate tea?

Mate tea was considered a "god's gift" by indigenous South American tribes. Learn why by reading about its amazing properties:

Healthier alternative to coffee


Noble, slightly bitter infusion. You’ll love it!


Controls your appetite and digestion


Exactly what your body needs!

How it's produced?

Learn about the centuries-old mate tea production techniques that remain practically the same until this very day!

Cultivation & harvest

Four years after being planted, illex paraguariensis is ready for  harvesting. Plantation workers cut entire branches by themselves. The collected leaves go through initial selection. Then, they’re transported into a storehouse.


Drying & Milling

Once the leaves reach producer’s storehouse, they are exposed to smoke from the hearth. Then it’s time for milling to shred leaves and stems into smaller pieces. 



Shredded leaves are put into bags and left to age. In case of Yaguar mate tea, it takes 18 months! Seasoning process defines the taste of mate tea. Generally, the longer it’s seasoned, the smoother it tastes. 


second milling & packing

When the seasoning is over, it’s time to shred the leaves & stems again to make the structure finer. Then, fruits, herbs and aromas are added (concerns flavoured variations only). Once it’s all done, Yaguar mate tea is packed and can be distributed to clients!

in eyes of mate tea lovers

Those who tried Yaguar seem to enjoy it a lot. Scroll down to read opinions of mate tea fans from all over the world!
Alexandre, Bordeaux (France)

Just great! You'll never get bored as there's so many awesome flavours and they're all based on actual fruits and herbs!

Milagros, Córdoba (Argentina)

One of my favourites and as an Argentinian I´ve been drinking yerba all my life. High quality leaves, smooth taste... What else could you ask for?

Sebastian, Wurzburg (Germany)

Yaguar "Energia guarana" is probably the most stimulating mate tea ever! Also recommended: Yaguar Wild Energy.

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